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Principal, San Juan Diego Academy (Wyoming, MI)

​San Juan Diego Academy, a Catholic K-8 school in Wyoming, Michigan, seeks to replace its retiring principal starting July 1, 2017. SJDA is the fastest growing school in the Diocese of Grand Rapids, currently enrolling 212 students with a capacity for 225.

Our Mission: In partnership with family, parish and the greater community, San Juan Diego Academy educates, mentors, and inspires Latino children to achieve academic excellence and live their Catholic faith. 

Your Mission: Emphasizing qualities of excellence, commitment, creativity, and innovation, the SJDA principal guides a community committed to the development of the whole child. The principal is responsible for establishing, demonstrating and promoting the highest standards and expectations for academic performance. The SJDA principal creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for parents and serves as both educational leader and primary spiritual exemplar to students, staff, parents and the larger community.

Organizational Structure: In this ministry, the principal directly reports to and works collaboratively with the Pastor of Holy Name of Jesus Parish, who is the Canonical Administrator of San Juan Diego Academy. The principal also works closely and collaboratively with the SJDA Philanthropy Director to achieve fundraising goals. The SJDA principal is thoroughly familiar with and actively carries out the policies of the Bishop, The Diocese of Grand Rapids, the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools and the SJDA Board of Education.

• Builds an inclusive environment conducive to sincere and open communication;
• Exhibits a collaborative, accessible and approachable style that demonstrates a willingness to listen to new ideas while offering creative solutions to challenges;
• Adapts appropriate leadership styles and strategies when working with diverse populations including parents, students, boards, alumni and the public schools;
• Establishes an organizational structure through which working relationships, lines of communication, accountability and responsibility are clearly defined; 
• Builds positive morale among faculty, staff and students by encouraging collaborative planning and leadership at all levels of the school organization; 
• Serves on the Board of Education and the Development Board regularly attending meetings and retreats; 
• Articulates an educational vision that incorporates the best aspects of Catholic education;

• Guides the development and implementation of school curriculum
• Oversees student assessment procedures;
• Understands, promotes and seeks ways to advance the role of technology in all areas of education;
• Coordinates sacramental preparations and celebrations with home parish religious education programs;
• Approves, maintains and coordinates the school calendar and scheduling of special events;

Finance & Facilities:
• Works closely with the Canonical Administrator and the Board of Education to draft and propose a budget to achieve the mission of the school;
• Works closely and collaboratively with the SJDA Philanthropy Director to achieve fundraising goals;
• Implements the SJDA tuition policy and establishes tuition contracts with parents; 
• Applies personal knowledge and understanding of the financial, accounting, marketing  and operational functions of an organization in decision making;
• Ensures the school is safe, clean, well-maintained and attractive.

Faculty & Staff Relationships:
• Establishes and implements clear policies and practices for recruiting, assessing, hiring, orienting and  reviewing faculty and staff;
• Develops written expectations for highest standard of professional conduct and professional development; 
• Directs and achieves effective teaching based on leading educational research and personal oversight;
Student Relationships
• Monitors student progress in the academic program as well as in co-curricular and extracurricular activities; 
• Maintains a visible presence during the school day and at school related liturgies, events and activities;
• Supports a program of inclusion that identifies and addresses special needs of students including health, physical, educational, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual concerns; 
• Establishes a clear, fair and consistent policy for managing issues involving student discipline and related interactions among teachers, administration and parents; 
• Oversees retention, recruitment and admission of students in keeping with diocesan enrollment goals;
• Maintains complete, accurate, up-to-date personnel and pupil records according to Diocesan guidelines; 

Parent Relationships:
• Establishes accessible and open communication with parents (individual meetings, emails, parent programs, conferences); 
• Promotes parent participation in Sunday liturgies at partner parishes; 
• Encourages and coordinates parent volunteer service;
• Supports and provides structure for the Parent Advisory Council;
• Coordinates, maintains and leads the DeVos Family Foundation Family Initiative program;

Community Relationships:
• Actively promotes the image and reputation of San Juan Diego Academy; 
• Promotes and fosters cooperation and communication with local schools, agencies and other partners including: (i) the partner parishes of San Juan Diego Academy, (ii) agencies supporting the Hispanic community in the southwest area of Grand Rapids, and Wyoming (iii) neighborhood organizations present on the Godfrey-Chicago Drive corridor;
• Meets formally with partner parish Pastors on school business at regular intervals;
About You:
• You uphold the values of diversity, inclusion, access, integrity and collaboration;
• You are a practicing Catholic dedicated to the ministry of Catholic education;
• You hold a master’s degree or higher in Education or Education Administration;
• You have acquired a minimum of 10 years of elementary teaching and/or administrative experience, mostly within a Catholic School environment;
• You speak and write Spanish with fluency;
• You exhibit excellent oral, written and public speaking communication skills;
• You are committed to ongoing personal and professional growth;
• You are a motivated, tireless, humble servant of God.
This position is full time. The principal receives a high quality health care, pension and PTO package. Salary is commensurate with experience and with principal salaries at other diocesan K-8 schools.
 Applicants should send a cover letter and a resume to:
Fr. Stephen Dudek D. Min.: