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I'm curious about the Catholic faith and want to learn more

Have you recently experienced a faith awakening? Perhaps a major life moment such as engagement, marriage, or the arrival of a child has caused you to be come interested in knowing more about the Catholic Church or Catholic belief and practice. Maybe you want to learn about the process of becoming Catholic.

We welcome you and hope that the information contained here will provide answers to some of your questions or offer pathways to help you continue your inquiry. 

Learn more about the process of becoming Catholic
We're glad you're interested in learning more about the Catholic faith and hope this introduction will help answer some of your initial questions.​ In addition, if you have a friend, family member, co-worker or someone else in your life who's a practicing Catholic, you might begin by asking them a few questions.

Read "10 things we want you to know about the Catholic faith" (a Year of Faith resource from the Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis)

Locate a parish near you
The 11-county Diocese of Grand Rapids includes 81 parishes and one or more of them is likely located near you. Parishes are faith communities led by a pastor and made up of individuals and families who worship together, enjoy meals together, support each other and serve the community in various ways in an effort to live out and share the Gospel message of Jesus including sharing that message with others. When you contact a parish, either the pastor or a staff member involved in faith formation would be happy to talk with you and answer questions you may have.

Catholic Information Center
​The Catholic Information Center (CIC) is a place of inquiry and learning! The CIC offers a variety of programs, including a Catholic Inquiry course, created to help provide participants with a deeper personal experience of God. Attend a class at the CIC, or if you're not ready to step through the doors, watch online from your computer or mobile device - the CIC livestreams several classes through its website at Contact the Catholic Information Center by phone, 616-459-7267 or by email​