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Dominican Sisters of Marywood (OP)

Domnican SistersAbout:
The Dominican Order began in thirteenth-century Europe with the vision and work of Dominic de Guzman. This order traces it origin to Holy Cross Convent, a Dominican cloister for women religious in Regensburg, Bavaria in 1246.

In 1853, four cloistered Dominican nuns left Regensburg and went to New York to minister to German immigrants. Settling in Brooklyn and New York City, these consecrated women responded to calls for religious teachers. Today, twelve independent Dominican Congregations in the United States trace their origins to the original Regensburg group. 
The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids live and share the glory of the Gospel today through ministries in Michigan, New Mexico, other locations in North America, abroad in Peru and Honduras, and wherever called.
The order is known for its passionate work to promote justice, support peace, alleviate poverty, oppose violence, reject oppression, mentor lay ministers, teach both children and adults, and protect the earth.
Marywood Campus is the location of the motherhouse. It is also a welcoming place for ministries of assembly, worship, learning, meditation, art. respite and healing. 

The four cornerstones of Dominican life include prayer, study, common life and ministry.

Director of Vocations:
Sister Chela Gonzalez, OP
2025 Fulton Street East
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3811
Local website: