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Bishop Walkowiak and the Mass of Ordination & Installation

Key information from and about the Episcopal Ordination and Installation of Bishop Walkowiak may be found below. If you are in need of any additional information or artwork, please contact Carl Apple or JoAnn Fox in the diocesan office of communications, 616-243-0491.


​Resource Description
Purchase a DVD copy of the Mass of Ordination & Installation
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The single disc DVD of the Mass and a photo card of
Bishop Walkowiak is available for a fee of $10 (includes
shipping & handling). For online orders, click the
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Diocesan Coat of Arms
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Photos of Bishop Walkowiak
(Black Cassock)
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(From the Mass of Ordination &
(Hi-res jpg | jpg for web | Flickr)

The Diocese of Grand Rapids grants use of these
images for editorial use by press or for promotional
use for events at which the individual is speaking or present.
These images cannot be used to promote or sell any
product. These images may not be altered or modified
in any way, in whole or in part, for any reason. By copying
and making use of these images, you acknowledge that
you have read, understand, and agree to
these terms of use. Photo credit should read: courtesy of
the Diocese of Grand Rapids.
Episcopal Coat of Arms of
The Most Reverend David J. Walkowiak
(Hi-res jpg | jpg for web | Description)
​Episcopal heraldry: a visual method of communication
intended to be used to convey essential information
about a person or a place. The Catholic Church preserves the medieval custom of heraldry and attributes a coat
of arms to every diocese and archdiocese in the world,
as well as to every bishop, archbishop, cardinal and
pope who oversees these portions of the worldwide Church.
(please see information above for editorial use of
the coat of arms graphic)
About Bishop Walkowiak ​About the new bishop, the office of the bishop. Also find linka link to information about past bishops of the diocese.
​News Advisory - Solemn Vespers,
June 17, 2013
​The eve of the Ordination & Installation Mass is a significant
time for prayer. The evening service will put into context
what will take place the next day, and reminds us that
the entire ordination event is about prayer. Vespers,
also called Evening Prayer, is part of the Liturgy of the
Hours, also known as the Divine Office.
​How to cover the Mass
(on June 18, 2013 | Additional resource
from the USCCB
​A resource to assist the media in their important
work of covering the church at prayer. The Mass
is public prayer, yet on many occasions such as the
ordination and installation of a bishop, it is also a news event.
Order of the Mass ​A resource to familiarize you with the order of Mass in
the Roman Catholic Church, specific to the Mass of
Ordination & Installation on June 18.
Ministers of the Mass ​A list including the principal consecrating bishop,
co-consecrators and concelebrating cardinals, archbishops
and bishops(ministers of the Mass).
Event Terminology ​A glossary of terms relating to the Catholic Church including
symbols of a bishop; celebration of Mass, ministers of the Mass;
liturgical objects and structure of the church.

Annalise Kransz or JoAnn Fox, office of communications for the Diocese of Grand Rapids
616-551-5629 | 616-307-3474