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FAITH Grand Rapids - June 2015

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This month in FAITH:

Message from Bishop Walkowiak: Music in church lifts our hearts, voices to God (Read)
Cover story: Two-part Harmony: Mother and daughter, Mary and Caitlin Cusack, share faith through music (Read)
Feature story: Playing music is an act of prayer for Darren LaPrise (Read)
World Meeting of Families: Part  8Home for the wounded heart by Mark Mann.
Your Community: Father John Kenny, CSP, has welcomed thousands into the Church (Read)
Year of Consecrated Life: Living a hidden life with God: Meet Sister Mary Angela of the Carmelite of the Order of Discalced Carmelites (Read)
Mass Appeal: Do we have to have Mass at our wedding? by Father Dave Gross (Read)
The Last Word: Ahh, Weddings by Monsigonr Gaspar Ancona (Read)
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