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Veterans honored in ceremony at Portland St. Patrick Catholic School

Students and faculty at St. Patrick Catholic School in Portland observed Veterans Day by honoring those who have served in the armed forces.

Veterans were invited to the school on November 11, 2016, for a ceremony thanking them for their service. See photos in the gallery below and at this link.

From first-graders leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance and reciting it in American Sign Language to fifth-graders teaching about the symbolism behind properly folding the United States flag, the ceremony celebrated good citizenship and the sacrifices veterans and their families have made for our country.

A veteran gives high-fives to Portland St. Patrick Catholic School students.

The ceremony featured retired U.S. Army CW4 Michael A. Greenwood, a St. Patrick Catholic School parent who has also served in the Michigan Army National Guard and the Michigan State Police. He told stories about his career and what his service has meant to him.

Students also shared their reflections on good citizenship and appreciation for veterans and active duty personnel, reading award-winning essays and praying by name for military personnel from St. Patrick Parish.

As the ceremony concluded, students on their way back to class lined up and shook the hands of the veterans in attendance. As the veterans themselves got ready to go, they were met with younger students along the hallway, cheering for them and proudly waving flags.

Events were held this week also at other schools, including Catholic Central High School, Corpus Christi Catholic School, Divine Providence Academy, Holy Trinity Catholic School, Our Lady of Consolation Catholic School, St. Mary Catholic School in Spring Lake, St. Michael Catholic School, and West Catholic High School.

Veterans Day 2016 at St. Patrick Catholic School in Portland