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Bishop Walkowiak quadruples schools tuition scholarships; families encouraged to apply

Families are encouraged to apply for tuition scholarships in any of our K-12 diocesan schools. Scholarship applications for the 2015-2016 school year are available in English and in Spanish at  any Catholic school within the diocese and at You can apply AT ANY TIME. Only one application per family is needed. 

 Bishop Walkowiak is increasing the amount of available diocesan tuition scholarships for Catholic schools in the diocese from $240,000 to $1 million annually. It’s part of a three-year effort to make Catholic schools affordable to more families.

“I attended Catholic schools all my life and would like more young people to have the same opportunities I had,” said Bishop Walkowiak. “More than a top-notch education, Catholic schools provide the leadership, integrity and moral compass that young people need in today’s society and I want to do whatever we can to encourage families to take advantage of this blessing.”
Currently, after all available sources of tuition scholarships are distributed there is $1.2 million of unmet need per year according to Private School Aid Service (PSAS), a third party agency used by diocesan schools to evaluate need. These new tuition dollars are not intended to replace the funding currently available at the parish and school level, but rather to increase the amount of scholarships to current families and to offer them to new families in our Catholic parishes. This effort is a priority for Bishop Walkowiak, who wants to bridge the gap between current levels of funding and the identified need and to reach out to new families desiring a Catholic school education for their children. Sources for scholarships include the Bishops Scholarship Fund, diocesan funds for education, and the continued generosity of donors committed to the growth of our Catholic schools.
“We hear all the time that Catholic schools need to be more affordable,” said David Faber, superintendent of Catholic schools. “We’re so excited to both strengthen our ability retain our families and welcome new families into our schools.”
The success of this effort will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to address the years beyond the three-year plan.
Tuition scholarship applications for the 2015-2016 school year are available in English and in Spanish at any Catholic school within the diocese and at Scholasrship applications can be filled out at any time.
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