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Vision & Rationale


GRCSS provides a Catholic culture for instruction and faith formation that challenges students to know and love God, seek knowledge and truth, respect the dignity of each person, and contribute to society through leadership and service.

Improving Teaching and Learning
GRCSS dedicates itself to educating the whole person while preparing students for the demands of the 21st century. Current research and best practices support a 1:1 program as the optimal way to  allow for deeper, more active engagement in learning. With 1:1 access, activities and styles of engagement previously impossible or difficult to achieve are now readily attainable. Students and teachers are taking advantage of authentic learning opportunities to transform the classroom. 
With iPads students are able to:
  • use specific apps to support specific needs
  • engage in self-paced and/or self-directed learning
  • access analyze and apply real-time data and information in authentic settings
  • demonstrate learning in new and varied ways

Preparing For The Future

 ​“We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist,
Using technologies that haven’t been invented,
​In order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.” -Karl Fisch {iii}
In preparing our students for their futures, there is a need to focus on a more innovative skill set,  which includes creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.
In addition, the sheer volume of information and its availability is rapidly increasing. Google estimated that every two days in 2010 as much information was created on the internet as was generated in an entire year in 2003 {v}. In the same year, the number of devices that were accessing the internet was the same as Earth’s total population. It is important to equip our students to thrive in an information-rich world.

Finally,  personal mobile devices, such as iPads, are becoming increasingly common tools in work and life. The wealth of information available online is already embedded in everyday life. Therefore, by integrating personal mobile technology in our delivery of curriculum, we have the opportunity to foster the development of skilloed and discerning minds equipped for higher education and future careers. 

CSS is challenged with preparing our young people to compete in collegiate and professional environments that are now global in scope. Our students will ultimately be exposed to learning and work environments that demand creative problem solving, collaborative working relationships and the absolute need to leverage technologies to be most efficient and effective in their school, work and spiritual lives. We recognize the tremendous opportunity we have to enhance our learning environments with the use of iPads and other technologies in support of educating the whole person while preparing students for the demands of the 21st century. ​
Educational research about the influences of 1:1 in learning suggests that it improves student engagement  and creates an environment more conducive to effective innovation in pedagogy (teaching and learning). {i}A recent study indicates that in an all-digital learning context, "Pad promotes both efficient use of time and more learning moments" [ix]. It is important to note here that while iPad is our tool of choice, it is more important how that tool is integrated in the learning process than the tool itself. {iv}

Our goal in offering a 1:1 iPad setting is to continue educating the whole student while preparing each for the demands of the 21st century. With 1:1 iPads we can ensure equal access for all our students to the highest quality educational experience within a safe environment that allows them to learn by doing, receive feedback, and continually refine their understanding to build new knowledge.​

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