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Consolata Missionary Sisters (MC)

An international group of missionary Sisters. The Order's charism calls Sisters to bring the true Consolation, Jesus Christ, to the people and to enhance the integrity of creation. The Sisters' ministry is centered in the Gospel, holistic in nature and aims at human growth and transformation. Since 2014, the Consolata Sisters are serving among the Pima of the Gila River Indian Community: their response to Pope Francis' appeal to move to the peripheries.

Mary under the title of Consolata is the Order's model.

The Sisters engage in a style of mission that is rooted in the Trinity, source of transformation and communion. In harmony with one’s deepest self, a person-centered approach that honors the dignity and diversity of persons, communities, and cultural groups in connection with all creation is valued. The Consolatas are attentive to the cries of the people for justice and peace, empowering them to voice their experiences of injustice and suffering toward change, and stand by them in their efforts.

The Consolatas serves as catechists, nurses, doctors, dentists, teachers, social ministers, etc.
Director of Vocations:
6801 Belmont Avenue
P.O. Box 371
Belmont, Michigan 49306