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Bishop Walkowiak's statement on Michigan marriage amendment

Below is a statement from Bishop David J. Walkowiak on the decision today (March 21, 2014) by U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman regarding Michigan's same-sex marriage ban. A separate statement signed by the seven bishops of Michigan can be found on the Michigan Catholic Conference website.
Statement from Bishop David J. Walkowiak regarding Federal District judge’s decision overturning Michigan's voter-approved marriage amendment:
"Anyone who comes to the Catholic Church is to be respected, cared for, and welcomed. This unconditional love and acceptance applies to everyone. This will not change. It is at the heart of our Catholic faith.
We believe that marriage is a unique relationship between one man and one woman that needs to be promoted and strengthened. Marriage is a gift from God, rooted in nature itself, affirmed by the wisdom of the ages—not by society, religion or government. Today’s federal district court ruling alters the fundamental meaning and structure of marriage that has existed from the beginning. It advances a redefinition of marriage that is incompatible with the beliefs and values expressed above.
The biological realities of male and female together with the complementarity they bring to the institution of marriage allow for the natural procreation of children and the opportunity for the child to be nurtured and to learn from a mother and a father, each of whom brings unique gifts to the family, the fundamental building block of society.
As this case will likely move through the courts, it is necessary to clarify that individual persons must be differentiated from advocacy organizations.  Persons with same-sex attractions should be respected not judged. We strongly support those who are living faithfully according to Christian teaching while finding themselves with a same-sex attraction. We pray that they continue to seek out a close relationship to Christ through the community of the Church, its faith, and its sacraments."
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